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Sep 21, 2017
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What is Hshare?

Hshare is a platform that was created to support the transfer of information and value between block-based and blockless-based Blockchains. This is a huge step forward considering that block-based Blockchains are not ideal for smart contracts or micropayments. This is why block-less Blockchains were created, to bypass that limitation. Hshare was created as a platform that would bridge the gap between the two types of Blockchain technologies.

History of Hshare

The Hshare cryptocurrency was introduced in 2017 and is abbreviated as HSR. It is a China-based platform that was founded by Ryan Xu (Xu Zijing). It has gained quite a lot of popularity and is one of the big names in the Chinese cryptocurrency community, despite the fact that it is relatively newer. However, there have been uncertainties as China’s clamp down on cryptocurrencies has raised concerns about the future of Hshare. Some of the cryptocurrencies that were based in China are shifting to other countries.

Technical Features

One of the reasons Hshare is quite promising is the fact that it focuses on security through the adoption of Zero-Knowledge-Proof technology to facilitate bidirectional encryption. It also provides security for other areas requiring transactional privacy. Hshare will also support other key features such as Quantum Resistance and Dao governance. The latter is a system of governance referred to as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization which allows token holders to determine how funds will be used in a real-time dynamic voting system. Hshare also employs Quantum Resistance, which means it is a hard system that it is protected from hacking through brute force using quantum computers.

Hshare Cryptocurrency

Hshare is not only the platform, but it also refers to a cryptocurrency operated by the same organization. This is similar to the case of many cryptocurrencies whose Blockchain technologies also offer additional value other than being the platforms that hold the respective crypto coins.


There has been a lot of criticism surrounding Hshare, and it has even been viewed as a scam. This could perhaps be because its Whitepaper was considered lacking in both professionalism and language, plus the fact that there was too much hype about it.

Future of Hshare

Hshare looks quite promising especially considering that it boasts of a hybrid Blockchain technology in the sense that its integrated method uses Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work protocols. This hybrid nature allows its holders to influence its future through key decision-making processes such as protocol updates.

The ability to transfer value between block-based Blockchains and blockless-based Blockchains is the biggest reason behind its positive speculation. This means it can be used in a variety of fields and the more it is useful, the more likely that its demand will continue to go up. Other reasons include the fact that privacy is one of its fortés. Some of the key fields include the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial technology, and financial technology.

Price Analysis

Like most cryptocurrencies, Hshare got into the market at a relatively low price and has been characterized by surges.


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