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Blockchain's Brightest Steal the Show in Forbes' 30 Under 30

Jun 13, 2018, 8:16AM
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Blockchain innovators and an emerging market demanding the latest technologies have found regular spots in the Forbes 30 Under 30.

No less than eight names from the blockchain technology industry made it to the June 2018 edition of Forbes 30 Under 30, confirming what everyone in the blockchain community already knew. The presigious list introduced the sharpest tip of the iceberg and included some of the most innovative, market-changing projects in the field today.

Bobby Bao - Mona.co (30 Years Old)

Mona.co's co-founder helped develop the app which makes spending easy. Numerous currencies and crypto can be spent via Monaco Visa cards, and users can buy, exchange, send and track crypto from their smart phone. Free on the Apple and Android app stores, consensus positivity projects well for future valuation of the app and Bao.

Justas Pikelis - Monetha (27 Years Old)

Monetha sells trust and security in the developing blockchain world. Tying online commerce to blockchain-backed securities, Monetha seeks to make global commerce safe and trustworthy.

Laurynas Jokubaitis - Monetha (25 Years Old)

Co-founder with Justas Pikelis of Monetha.

Luis Cuende - Aragon (22 Years Old)

Winner of the "Outstanding Innovation in Blockchain: Governance" at CogX London, Aragon is a project that provides individuals and businesses the tools to create and maintain organizational structure via blockchain.

Reto Trinkler - Melonport (27 Years Old)

Melonport is an open-source, decentralized asset management system providing available permissions to users wanting to set up funds. The project recently launched its Phase III which is tied heavily to governance.

Richard Craib - Numerai (30 Years Old)

Numerai is an AI-run, San Francisco-based hedge fund that runs weekly tournaments for data scientists. Involvement continues to build, doubling tournament payouts and gaining momentum for the project.

Ryan Zhou - CoinJar (23 Years Old)

CoinJar is another Bitcoin wallet, establishing a global network for users to spend the cryptocurrency anywhere. Early reviews of the app spoke highly of the design, but recent developments have conjured a mixed response. Nevertheless, the infrastructure is in place for a highly effective wallet technology.

Victor Santos - Airfox (26 Years Old)

Airfox is an Ethereum-based, peer-to-peer network facilitating crypto payment and the transfer of data in emerging markets. A valuable tool for underserved areas, Airfox holds a valuable position in the market.


A noteworthy absentee from this list is Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Only 23 years old, Buterin lands on Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Finance arena. An involved face in everything crypto, he is likely to remain on this list for quite some time.



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