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Can Big Eyes Achieve the Long-Term Success of Polygon and Theta Network?

Sep 2, 2022, 8:22AM
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The Big Eyes presale is seeing tremendous buyer interest: Can it achieve the success of Polygon and Theta Network in the long term?

Cryptocurrencies are being looked upon as attractive investment instruments by institutional and retail clients. These digital assets have managed to provide inflation-beating returns in the past. Many investors have gained huge returns, enabling them to retire early. However, the selection of tokens for long-term investment is not an easy task. It requires looking into a project’s road map, finding out about its team, and comparing it against its rivals. All of this takes a lot of time. Since there are so many cryptocurrency tokens in the market today, the exercise is very difficult, especially for a common retail investor. To make the process of starting your journey as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, this article will explain three cryptocurrencies that could potentially provide handsome gains in the future. Big Eyes (BIG), Polygon (MATIC), and Theta Network (THETA) have come up with many interesting features and have seen a resurgence in interest from buyers. 

Big Eyes Token is being offered for sale through a presale which you can access by clicking here. The BIG Token targets the DeFi sector and could potentially witness a huge rally once it gets listed on mainstream exchanges. It will be listed on UniSwap as soon as the presale period ends. The current price during the presale period is very attractive, and buyers will get 10000 Big Eyes Tokens for 1 USDT. It could soon surpass gains seen by Polygon and Theta Network in the past if the tremendous presale phase interest among buyers continues in the future too. Here’s more information on these three tokens below. If you’re wondering how to buy cryptocurrency, then this article will also explain the entire process, which will help to simplify the entire process.  

Big Eyes is set to change the DeFi sector for the better

Big Eyes is a new cryptocurrency that is currently in its presale phase. It will utilize a native cryptocurrency known as the BIG Token. The Big Eyes team has great plans which involve a community-driven marketing effort that has resulted in huge interest in this coin right from the presale stage. 

The traditional finance industry has many shortcomings, including a cumbersome onboarding mechanism and strict regulatory requirements. While many decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols are available, many have suffered from rug pull events, heavy individual centralization, and high fees. The Big Eyes Token will enable DeFi access for the ordinary investor.  

The Big Eyes Token has been marketed as a meme cryptocurrency backed by great utilities. Meme cryptocurrencies have seen a lot of interest in the past, and many meme tokens such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have seen gigantic returns. The BIG Token could also potentially benefit from a community that could help in popularizing this coin in the long term. Cats are very active, playful, hard to kill, and sociable. These are the founding pillars behind this upcoming meme Token which will ensure active participation from its community. 

The BIG Token will have a fixed supply of 200,000,000,000 tokens. There is no buy or sell tax which means you make more profits when you decide to trade with the BIG Token. All profits are truly yours to keep. 70% of tokens will be sold via a public presale, and 20% will be reserved for exchanges. 5% will be utilized for marketing efforts where the community will also play an important role. The remaining 5% of the funds will drive a charity endeavor. 

The BIG ecosystem will also focus on NFTs and has marketing plans to feature in the top ten NFTs projects in the long term. NFTs will involve a 10% Tax where 4% will be returned to the original seller, and 5% will be earmarked for BIG Token holders. The remaining 1% will be donated to charity efforts.  

To ensure that there is no rug pull event, 90% of the tokens will be available at launch, and the team also plans to carry out audits to ensure transparency and accountability. 

How to Buy the BIG Token?

If you are interested in the BIG Token, click here to participate in the presale.  Install the Metamask wallet, which will allow you to store Ethereum or USDT Tokens that can be used to buy the BIG Token. You can also use any other wallet recommended by Wallet Connect (the team recommends using the Trust Wallet). 

Then click on the “Connect Wallet” option and convert your ETH or USDT Tokens for the BIG Token. For mobile apps, use the “Connect Wallet” option instead. 

If you wish to pay through the card option, head to the MoonPay site and get some Ethereum. It supports card transactions. You may also use ETH or USDT if you have these cryptocurrencies in your wallet. Otherwise, buy through the MoonPay site first. A minimum of $15 USDT is required for making the purchase. This is it! You are now the proud owner of the BIG Token, which can be claimed once the presale phase has concluded. 

Polygon founder raises $50M for Web3 space

Polygon is powered by the MATIC Token, a cryptocurrency that has registered a huge rise in price in the past. It is one of the most popular layer 2 scaling solutions for the Ethereum network. Polygon is easy to deploy via a (software development kit) SDK, and developers prefer the MATIC network due to its ease of use and lower fees. A developer can continue to build on Ethereum while taking advantage of the many side chains of the Polygon network. MATIC is used to pay for transactions inside the network and can also be staked. Each side chain of the Polygon network can process 65,536 transactions per block. The MATIC team is also working on ensuring interoperability in the future that will allow communication with other networks. The Polygon project was co-founded by Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, and Anurag Arjun. The MATIC Token could potentially provide huge returns in the future as the Polygon network scale further and includes support for interoperability and high-security features. 

As per reports, the founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, has managed to raise $50M for spearheading efforts to promote projects in the Web3 space. The new venture will be named Symbolic Capital and function as a venture capital fund for Web3 space. The fund should align with Polygon’s efforts to boost the Web3 sector. It has already made 15 investments, including Web3 gaming studio BlinkMoon, Polygon-based metaverse Planet Mojo and an esports platform, Community Gaming. A major plan of Symbolic Capital involves promoting developers through Github and providing an opportunity to smaller players.  

Theta Network plans an NFT utility campaign with Samsung

Theta Network is an online video delivery portal powered by a native cryptocurrency called THETA Token. The Theta network was founded by Mitch Liu, Gameview Studios cofounder and Jieyi Long. Theta has great plans to become the preferred media and video delivery platform in the future. The team comprises many experienced individuals who have previously worked for companies like Netflix, Amazon, Samsung, Vimeo, and Salesforce. The THETA network aims to remove censorship barriers in the highly centralized media empires. It also plans to use blockchain technology to provide a cutting-edge infrastructure for video delivery so users can access the content of choice at all times. Users get access to better videos, and content creators can easily monetize without paying high fees for listing on mainstream media channels. The Theta Network has another token known as Theta Fuel, which rewards viewers. The Theta Network also has plans that include cloud computing space and dApps in the future. The THETA Token has a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, and 4 Theta Fuel Tokens are provided for every 1 THETA Token. 

As per reports, Theta Network has partnered with firms in South Korea to promote an NFT utility campaign. In February 2022, Theta Network issued commemorative NFTs to buyers of Samsung Galaxy flagship models, the S22 series and tablet S8. There are about 100,000 holders of these NFTs currently. Holders of the NFT can easily install an NFT authentication app to tag their phones to verify their NFTs in various offline retail stores. Users will receive various gift vouchers for this activity that would showcase the utilities of NFTs as a verification and identification tool. 

While Polygon and Theta Network have great utilities, the Big Eyes Token has huge plans to take over the DeFi sector. With its unique NFTs, it will provide many incentives to long-term holders. As a meme coin, it will also gain popularity through its community. The presale has already generated a lot of buzz in the cryptoverse and buyers are accumulating huge volumes of this upcoming Token. Don’t miss out on participating in the presale, as the BIG Token is available at very attractive prices. 

The Big Eyes presale is live here.

Disclaimer: information contained herein is provided without considering your personal circumstances, therefore should not be construed as financial advice, investment recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation for, any transactions in cryptocurrencies.