Announcement of a democratized social trading platform crowdsale

Crowdsale For Social Investment Platform "Carboneum" Starts Next Week

Jun 7, 2018, 1:20PM
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Carboneum is an upcoming social exchange which lets users follow and mirror successful traders. Will it attract new users to long-term investing?

Carboneum, an upcoming crypto trading platform, is about to start selling C8 tokens. The token crowdsale, (which is essentially an ICO), begins on Monday, June 11. Carboneum portrays its mission as an attempt to simplify investment for everyone by embracing a social networking approach.

The platform is designed by Siamsquared Technologies, the company behind StockRadars, a prominent Thailand-based stock trading platform for mobile devices. Advisors on Carboneum include Thailand's former finance minister as well as former department leaders from Apple and Google.

According to its ultralightpaper, the Carboneum platform is designed to make it easy for novice investors to trade by allowing them to "follow" successful traders and mirror their transactions. It will also provide a "safety belt" that utilizes stop-loss orders, which allows users to automatically sell their assets before they lose more than they are willing to.

At the moment, there are no simple exchanges that facilitate serious cryptocurrency investment. Simple exchanges such as Shapeshift, which do provide friendly interfaces for new users, have come under fire for their high commission fees. Meanwhile, more complex platforms such as RobinHood and ABCC attempt to attract novice investors with zero-fee trading. If it is successful, Carboneum may attract attention from investors who feel intimidated by the vast amount of commitment that investing currently requires.

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