Ether blockchain Korea conference 2018 announcement

Ether Labs To Host Blockchain Korea Conference 2018 In June 7

May 24, 2018, 9:30AM
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Ether Lab and GBIC are preparing the Blockchain Korea Conference 2018 to be held on June 7 at the Grand Ballroom Hall of Yongsan Dragon City.

Ether Lab and Global Blockchain Innovative Capital (GBIC) are currently preparing the Blockchain Korea Conference 2018 (BKC 2018) which will be held on June 7 at the Grand Ballroom Hall of Yongsan Dragon City.

According to the BKC 2018 website, the event´s objective is to "Explore the potential of blockchain technology to go mainstream", "discuss the economical and industrial values of society", and "facilitating the development of blockchain technology".

Event organizers seem to be working hard to host a high level blockchain conference. Shin-Hye Lee, CEO of GBIC, in charge of supervising the event´s execution raises expectations, 

"As it will be held by Ether Lab, the largest Blockchain community in Korea, and Asia Economic TV, which specializes in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency issues, there is no doubt that it will be a perfect place to get up-to-date information and future prospects on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency."

Kyoung-Soo Kim, CEO of Ether Lab also has high hopes for the event, 

"Unlike the existing conference, many prominent figures such as lawmakers, Blockchain Association, professors, lawyers, tax experts, Blockchain developers, and leading companies are participating in this event.", "It will be a place where we can get a quick glimpse of the various figures' views on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency."

Indeed, several prominent figures are expected to show up at BKC 2018: Se-gyun Jeong, Chairman of Korea´s National Assembly, Tarō Asō, the Finance Ministry of Japan, Dae-je Jin, Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Association, Seong-jun, Park, president of Dongguk Univ. Blockchain Research Centre, as well as Zachary Fallon, a former SEC Representative, and Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK.

Tickets for the event are available for early purchase on the BKC 2018 website.


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