HyperQuant and KuCoin Collaboration

HyperQuant Developers to Help Develop KuCoin with New Infrastructure

Jun 12, 2018, 7:56PM
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HyperQuant developers have entered an agreement with KuCoin, pledging to develop backend infrastructure for the cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency asset management and fintech platform HyperQuant has entered a collaboration with cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin. As a part of the agreement, HyperQuant developers will now be responsible for creating a new infrastructure for the cryptocurrency exchange while KuCoin will allow it to gather data points on trade orders. HyperQuant will analyse these data points to test and develop trading strategies for its platform. 

We are excited to share our vast stock exchange experience with our partners from KuCoin for our mutual benefit and long-term cooperation. Our collaboration will advance the development of algorithmic trading platform on the crypto exchanges for the further convenience of our customers. - Pavel Pavchenko, CEO of HyperQuant project.

KuCoin will bring the expertise of HyperQuant developers on board as it attempts to build new underlying infrastructure that can handle more transactions and user growth. HyperQuant, a fintech software platform dedicated to the crypto asset management industry, is also in the process of developing trading algorithms in order to create algorithmic trading strategies. 

HyperQuant uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve and iterate upon its existing product lineup. As part of the partnership, it will get access to the trading data of KuCoin users. The move thus represents a win-win situation for both companies. The cryptocurrency exchange business is a crowded one with several competitors offering incentives to its respective users. To stand out in an increasingly expanding field, companies are also increasingly looking into artificial intelligence and neural networks for developing trading strategies. Hedge funds typically use similar advanced trading algorithms to trade in equities and derivatives.

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