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Long Awaited Blockchain Summit London Begins Today, Find out Who's There

Jun 26, 2018, 1:39PM
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The Blockchain Summit London will begin today. It features 50 speakers discussing a wide range of topics related to the various industries.

The Blockchain Summit London, one of Europe’s largest blockchain events for enterprise players in the blockchain space, will begin today at London’s famous Hammersmith district. 

The two-day conference will feature over 2,500 industry leaders, tech insiders and investors, and host 150 speakers who will talk about a variety of subjects related to the industry. The summit will have a particular focus on case studies that educate members of the audience on how to deploy blockchain technology in their respective fields, including finance, logistics, media and more. 

The speaker list includes May Winfield, senior legal counsel for ENGIE, who will speak about smart contracts; Amit Varma, CTO and Product and Technology leader for Citibank, who will speak about automating trade finance in the supply chain; Manish Naik, Principal of Digital Innovation at BP, who will participate in a panel on blockchain impact; and Mark Simpson, distinguished engineer at the Royal Bank of Scotland, who will talk about building decentralized enterprise applications on Corda. The full list of speakers can be viewed here.

The agenda of the two-day conference will focus on how to manifest blockchain into a business reality, KYC compliance, the cost and efficiency benefits, regulation, and the various ways blockchain will manifest itself in various industries. 

The summit will also include dozens of exhibitors, both established players and up-and-coming blockchain startups. On the list are Accenture, Ernst and Young, Intel, Oracle and many more. 

The event will be followed by a pub crawl, which will double as a networking session. 

The whole event has attracted a lot of major players and is bound to offer some interesting insight into the industry. It is one of many in a series of such summits, with others planned to be held in Singapore, San Francisco, Dubai and Frankfurt. 

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