Jubiter Prepaid Debit Card

The Jubiter Card: A New Prepaid Crypto Debit Card Arrives

May 1, 2019, 6:18PM
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Jubiter has introduced a new prepaid card that allows you to effortlessly spend your Bitcoin holdings everywhere you shop. Find out more below.

Jubiter, an online crypto exchange, is now offering a prepaid VISA card that will allow you to spend Bitcoin and Litecoin wherever you go. Even if a store doesn't accept cryptocurrency, that isn't an issue: Jubiter's new VISA card will instantly convert your Bitcoin balance to regular currency. That means the card can be used at any location that accepts VISA―both online and offline.

In order to load the card, you simply need to access the Jubiter website, sign up for an account, and deposit funds into your online wallet. Once you've done that, you can request the card through your account dashboard. After you place your order, your Jubiter debit card will be promptly sent to you by mail. You can also reload or top up your card at any time.

The Jubiter card also has several security features that are available through its web interface. You can watch your card closely by viewing its transaction history and by monitoring a live activity feed.

Withdraw Crypto Funds from any ATM

In addition to debit-style spending, you can also use the card to withdraw money from any ATM that dispenses fiat currency (any currency you choose). You'll also benefit from low, competitive fees. Jubiter's commission fees range from €0.25 to €2.50 per transaction or request, and international currency conversion fees are just 3%. There is no interest since the Jubiter VISA card is not a credit card―you are spending money from your crypto holdings.

Right now, the Jubiter card is available to customers in all European countries, and the card can be used to spend Bitcoin anywhere in the world. Jubiter is also actively working to offer the card to customers in other countries, so if it isn't currently available in your location, it may be available soon. By visiting Jubiter's website, you will immediately find out if you are eligible.

The major benefit that the Jubiter VISA card offers is the fact that it makes your crypto holdings convenient and accessible in any situation. There is no need to wait for stores to adopt Bitcoin, as the Jubiter card can be used anywhere that VISA cards are accepted. Combined with hands-on security, low fees, and fast delivery, the card is an unbeatable service for any Bitcoin enthusiast.

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