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The Winners of The 3rd EOS Hackathon In London Have Been Announced

Sep 24, 2018, 5:08PM
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The 3rd EOS Hackathon in London brought some of the most exciting projects to date into the limelight as EOS continues to promote development.

The winners of the 3rd EOS Hackathon have been announced in London, England. With a total of 90 teams and 470 participants from 44 countries, the London based EOS Hackathon was the largest event in the series to date. With over 70 mentors attending the event, the Hackathon pushed competitors to “create an application on the EOSIO platform that improves the relationship between technology and user’s privacy or security”.

The competing teams were vying for cash prizes and an opportunity to compete in the EOS Hackathon’s grand finale, which is scheduled for December 8th at an undisclosed location. The prizes at the London Hackathon included 3 top prizes of $100k for 1st place, $25k for 2nd and $10k for 3rd. Additionally, 3 honorable mentions were given out for the best social media post, the best UX and the greatest social impact, and 5 seed investments of $50k were also offered to notable participants.

Among the judges responsible for curating the London event are Block.one CEO Brenden Blumer and Block.one Co-founder Dan Larimer, who is also responsible for the creation of both Steemit and BitShares. Their expertise and success in the world of blockchain helped the London event attract attention to some truly innovative projects:

  • 1st place: EOS Shield — A reputation and identity verification protocol for EOS accounts and contracts
  • 2nd place and Best UX: Chestnut — Contract and account whitelisting for EOS account transactions
  • 3rd place: OnTheBlock — An EOS identity passport with which the user can control who has access
  • Best Social Media Post: The Cybercode Twins
  • The Greatest Social Impact: Geneos — A marketplace for genomic data based on EOS

The London EOS Hackathon pulled together some of the best and brightest minds in the world of blockchain technology and offered an opportunity for the EOS project to recognize and develop the growing community that supports their platform. The full closing ceremony can be found here, along with the pitches from the event’s winners.

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