Last updated January 15, 2018

The privacy policy herein describes the use and protection of any personal information that may be collected either directly or indirectly by when a user visits the site. Use of our guides and website constitutes acceptance of the privacy terms detailed in the following paragraphs.

Readers should note that we may update this policy at any time. We will post the date of the latest edit at the top as well as contact our community of readers should the significance of the change warrant direct notification in accordance with all laws.

What User Information Do We Collect?

When you access, there are two basic categories of information that may be collected: a) non-personal data (automatically collected), and b) personal data (willingly provided).

1. Non-Personal Data

Like most websites, when you visit, we receive various information directly from your computer or device. This information cannot be used to identify you personally. The data collected includes the following:

  • Your region and IP address
  • The device, OS, and network type you used to access the site
  • The browser you used and links you followed to access the site
  • How many pages you visit on the site and for what duration

We collect and store this information on all users of our site for security reasons as well as for demographic marketing research, and to aid in determining the future direction of the site.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are tiny files stored on your device that can identify your machine when you make repeat visits to a website. Cookies are used by virtually every website on the internet to retain your preferences, expedite page loading, and facilitate faster autofill fields. The data is shared between your web browser and the sites you visit. You always have the option to turn off cookies in your own web browser.

We collect cookies for the following purposes:

  • To recognize repeat visitors to the website
  • To customize the content users see according to their preferences
  • To protect our site and users against security breaches and hackers
  • To improve the site functionality

There are two types of cookies, Session and Persistent, both of which are used by the servers. A session cookie stores the information collected within a single visit to the site, while persistent cookies store information from one visit to the next, saving your data and preferences for the next visit to the site. Cookies are always encrypted to ensure none of the information is intercepted by any third party.

2. Personal Data

Personal data is defined as any information that can be used to identify an individual. For instance, address, name, age, contact details, or financial details such as credit card or banking numbers. As an information resource without ecommerce functions, does not habitually collect any personal information from any of its users. Any personal information collected by is limited to data the user willingly enters either on the site, or via communications with the site staff.

This may include contact information—for instance, email, or social media addresses, phone number, address, name, and affiliations with cryptocurrency companies. Sharing of this information either on the  site directly or in communications with the site’s staff amounts to giving permission for this data to be stored on the site’s servers and to be used to identify you in subsequent visits to the site.

How Do We Use, Store, and Protect Your Information

All of the data collected by on its site or via electronic communications is encrypted and protected against interference by any third party for any reason. We guarantee the security of all information you share with us. We protect your data against any unauthorized access or use by anyone not affiliated with Bitrates and approved to access it by our management.

We collect and store all user information using SSL encryption and regularly update our website security to the highest possible standards. Only staff who require client information in order to perform their duties have access to that information and it is protected by password. We comply with all regional and international regulations and best practices regarding the collection and storage of user information. does not use any of our clients’ personal information except in the above-mentioned manner. We do not request any information that is not directly necessary for our services. Users can always decide whether or not to provide information of any kind and can request deletion of their information from our servers at any point.


We may use your information to improve our own services and marketing. We may also contact you with marketing communications related to your interests. However, Bitrates does not sell or give out any of our site users’ personal data to any other party for any reason. Any communication that you receive from us will be deemed as of interest to you based on your opting in to communications and you will have the option to opt out at any time.

Third Party Sharing of User Data

We may share non-personal data that cannot be used to identify you with our affiliates or with companies who advertise with us for the sole purpose of tracking and improving advertising initiatives and fulfilling our obligations in these joint marketing initiatives. We do not for any reason share any personal information (which can be used to identify an individual) of our users with any third party without the consent of that individual.

Readers should note that any third party with whom we lawfully share non-personal data will have its own privacy policy and terms of service. We do not control their privacy practices.

Law Enforcement Compliance

In the event we are required to provide user data with law enforcement officials in order to comply with AML guidelines, or any other legal requirements, we may do so.

Have Questions about Our Privacy Policy?

You are encouraged to CONTACT US at any time if you have any questions about our privacy policy or terms of use. We are more than happy to elaborate on any of the above points and to address any concerns you might have.