Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Technology Explained

Welcome to the guides where we provide the web's most comprehensive information resources on Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as all the important altcoins and the broader blockchain technology. We report on everything related to the cryptocurrency industry from markets to regulation, ICOs, and legal matters, as well as the projects and tech developments that are revolutionizing the industry. Aside from how-to guides for buying and selling and trading cryptocurrency, we provide analysis of the ever-changing legal and regulatory scenario surrounding Bitcoin and the broader ICO market. For anyone looking to get into cryptocurrency or expand their investment portfolio, our guides are your starting point.


Bitcoin Basics

Our Bitcoin guide is a complete Bitcoin 101 with several in-depth articles answering the fundamental questions most often asked by new investors and those interested in pursuing Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology. We'll tell you what Bitcoin is and how it works, including what a Bitcoin address is and what Bitcoin is used for. 

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Blockchain Technology

Here we discuss the pros and cons of blockchain, including what it is, its vulnerabilities, and the industries it is disrupting. We take a look at the privacy and benefits of blockchain that have made it a revolution in the tech sector. We also track back to answer what blockchain is and what it means for banking.

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Crypto Buying, Selling, and Trading

Learn how to day trade cryptocurrency as well as how to “hodl” and make long-term gains in our cryptocurrency trading guide. We explain how and where to buy digital currency from the top Bitcoin exchanges as well as demystifying crypto trading terminology for new and veteran investors alike. Learn to trade cryptocurrency from the Bitrates guide. 

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Ethereum Basics

The Bitrates Ethereum guide is a complete tutorial and wiki that explains the “Ethereum 101 for dummies” and beyond. Beginning with answering “what is Ethereum?” and "what is Ether?", we walk through how to buy and sell Ether for USD and other major fiat currencies, how smart contracts work, and how to start mining.

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Understanding ICO's

The Bitrates guide to ICOs is the most complete resource for questions regarding what an ICO is and how they work. Our articles cover every aspect of the new funding model. We explain what a crypto ICO is and what it stands for (initial coin offering) before describing how to invest in an ICO. 

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Legal Matters

The Bitrates legal matters guide explains cryptocurrency regulation, law, and taxes in great detail. We keep up to date with the daily-changing status of cryptos around the world providing updates on blockchain regulation in the US and around the world, including who regulates Bitcoin and where you have to pay taxes on it. 

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The blockchain industry involves numerous new technologies and software developments which carry with them a host of new terminology. The Bitrates terminology guide unpacks some of the most commonly misunderstood terms in the crypto and blockchain space. Understanding these terms is essential to furthering one's understanding of the technology. 

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Platforms and Projects

The Bitrates guide to platforms and projects is an ongoing inventory of the most interesting and least understood platforms and projects in the blockchain space. We explain the use cases, unique technologies, and initiatives, present and future, of key platforms from Lightning Network to Zilliqa, Polkadot, Microsoft Azure, FSA, and more.

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The Bitrates infographics are our own custom designed image-based guides to some of the more complex concepts in blockchain and cryptocurrency. We present subjects from proof-of-work vs proof-of-stake mining methods to summaries of the world's largest companies using blockchain, to how blockchain is being implemented in industries from food to automobiles, all in simple, easy-to-follow graphics. 

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