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What is ICOBox?

ICOBox is a platform that makes it easier for companies to carry out and manage ICO’s. The platform includes technology for supporting smart contracts and smart contract management system as well as legal solutions and marketing solutions.

The platform allows Blockchain startups and companies to raise funds through professionally coordinated and executed campaigns. The company’s primary goal is to provide end-to-end Initial Coin Offering solutions.

ICOBox also offers a suite of services suited for the cryptocurrency industry for projects looking to sell products and services through an ICO. 

History of ICOBox

Mike Raitsyn, Nick Evdokimov, and Anar Babaev founded ICOBox. A team of blockchain specialist’s, programmer’s, lawyers and other specialists, backs the company.

ICOBOX boasts of a team with 2+ years of Blockchain experience, highly suited for carrying out Initial coin offerings around cryptocurrencies. The team also comes with 14+ years of marketing experience and 15+ years of development experience.

How ICOBox Works

ICOBox offers three main solutions technology, legal and marketing solutions. When it comes to technology solutions, the platform provides smart contracts facilities, book building platform, as well as consultations for setting up technology tools.

Legal solutions include review and recommendations for the legal concept of the token as well as token purchase agreement and consultations on legal aspects by external attorneys. Marketing solution comes with consultations from marketing experts on the deployment of marketing tools.

All the three solutions can be purchased for 50 Bitcoins and will come with a gift that includes a review of the token concept. 

ICOBOX allows token holders to choose the best projects from the ICO requests it receives on a daily basis to finance. In return, selected projects are required to use ICOBox SaaS tools worth 25-50 BTC. Projects that plan to conduct ICO are required to pay 120-240 BTC worth of future tokens thus generating a return of 75% for ICOBox. 

Who can Use ICOBox Solutions? 

Initial coin offerings are not suited for every company. This venture capital route is suited for projects that can offer tokens backed by physical assets, which can be used by token holders as a consumable or useful product. 

ICOBox fundraising tool is also for projects that offer tokens with unique features like discounts for products and services. Initial Coin Offerings allows businesses to attract new customers, especially from the blockchain community. It also allows companies to value growth through presale. 

Token buyers, on the other hand, can enjoy minimal entry threshold for blockchain technology with Initial Coin Offerings, in addition to enjoying maximum security. 

Companies that want to make use of ICOBox Initial Coin offering tools have to submit an application. ICOBox plans to start catering to 10 new projects every month. The long-term plan is to process up to 15 applications a day.

ICOBox Inter-project Token Swap Feature

ICOBox has introduced a new unique feature dubbed Interproject Token Swap IPTS technology in response to growing enthusiasm for Initial Coin offerings. IPTS is a private peer-to-peer swap, between ICOS token holders and new projects. The feature is designed to give token holders a wider access to tokens of promising new startups.

Aug 15, 2017
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