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  • Since 2023

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Volume 24H: BTC 4.46/24h; USD 72,633/24h

Cryptox is an UK-based trading platform that offers support for several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. This platform doesn't provide users with the possibility of pairing digital assets against fiat-currencies and despite its user-friendly design and decent fees, the trading volume is small. It is said that most users are from Poland, but the exchange owner states the opposite.

This small platform has a simple design and extensive UX functionalities, but it lacks the paperwork support and FAQ. Making a buy or sell order is simple and intuitive. Users are able to drag and drop and arrange the windows of interest on a canvas. Is important to note that platform is still in development, lacking several functionalities or having empty fields instead.

Language Support

  • English
  • Polish

Country Support

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • European Union
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Most Africa
  • Most of Asia
  • Most of Eastern European Union
  • Most of Latin America
  • Most of the Middle East
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Russian Federation
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • United States of America

Platforms Systems

  • Web Interface
  • API

Stock Market Options


  • Allows customization of charts
  • Allows light and dark theme
  • Allows the movement or resizing of boxes
  • Allows customized alerts and notifications


  • Limit Order

Discounts For
The Big Traders:

  • Negative Maker Fee

Cryptox runs on SSL secured servers and offers 2FA, but it doesn't provide information regarding legal operational framework nor any reassuring details about the private key storage methods. However, no security breach has been reported up to now.


2 Factor Authentication
Funds Insured
Funds are not insured
Private Keys Stored On
Exchange platform
Storage Type
Hot storage

Advanced Security Features:

  • Email reports of logins
  • Ability to define a withdrawal white list
  • Email Notification of withdrawal

Security Features:

  • SSL

Legal Registration or Compliance:

  • Incorporation Documents

This platform is run by Cryptox Ltd., headquartered in London, UK. According to the Certificate of Incorporation as a Private Limited Company, the director of the firm is Grzegorz Musik from Poland. In a 2017 interview, he stated that he's happy with how the exchange performs, even with the negative maker fee, and that he is surprised that is not very popular on the Polish market.


This crypto to crypto exchange is mostly suited to those wishing to trade anonymously. Experts might find it unappealing as it lacks advanced order types, but for those with basic crypto knowledge, it should be just fine. However, users should proceed with caution in storing larger amounts of digital currency with since there is little to no information regarding security of assets.

Ease of use
Transaction Fees
Deposit/Withdrawal Fee
0.03-0.0006 Units/Withdrawal (depending on currency)
Deposit/Withdrawal Fee c For Bank Transfer
Deposit/Withdrawal Fee For Credit Card
Deposit/Withdrawal Fee Charged For 3rd party Payments
Anonymous Trading

Deposit/Withdrawal Options:

Send/Receive Crypto

Functionality: allows users to trade cryptocurrencies against one another. It doesn't offer fiat-currency support. The platform provides an API for trading and the possibility of topping up the BTC account via a mobile-service available only for Polish users. Cryptox also runs a referral program in which users get a small fee for new registrations on their referral link.

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There aren't any user reports made public about this platform.