Bitcoins for Beginners – What You Need to Know About the Famous Coin

Aug 5, 2022, 5:06PM
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If you are interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you will find it relevant to read this mini guide.

Cryptocurrencies are a burning hot topic. Many people are talking about these kinds of coins, so it might be relevant to know a bit about them. There are many thousands of different cryptocurrencies out there, but Bitcoin remains the most valuable one of a kind.

Cryptocurrencies become more and more available to use a payment method online. While some use it for betting sites after reading about mlb predictions or others. You can also use the currencies for some shopping sites as well as online casinos. These kinds of currencies are traded worldwide and are based on demand and speculations. Nobody can therefore predict the outcome and the future of these. Bitcoins are the most valuable crypto you can find, with a price of 1 exceeding 23.000 USD at the start of august 2022.

Bitcoin – General Information

Crypto is a decentralized digital currency. It is not controlled by any central banks, as it is for ‘normal’ currencies. The cryptocurrency is based on the so-called Blockchain system, which also means there is a certain kind of security against hackers as well as fraud. When it comes to cryptos, the word ‘mining’ will occur. Mining in terms of cryptos is about these powerful computers that are used to solve complicated mathematical calculations to get Bitcoins. This process is very complex. 

The History of Bitcoin

It all started back in 2008 when a man named Satoshi Nakamoto started it all. Bitcoin (BTC) has ever since become more and more popular and its value has increased rapidly.

Platforms for Bitcoins

Trading Bitcoins is happening on many different platforms, known as trading platforms. Some of the most popular ones and top Bitcoin holding stocks include the ones called Coinbase, Binance, and eToro. Coinbase is known for having a user-friendly platform and a great selection of coins you can invest in. Binance is great because of the huge selection of cryptos and the low fees. eToro is amazing for beginners and it’s very safe to use.


Wallets in terms of cryptocurrencies, are used to store your cryptos. It’s a form of digital wallet that safely stores your coins. Wallets can also be hardware as USB sticks for example.

Get to Know Cryptos

If you are thinking about investing and trading cryptos, it’s a very good idea to learn the basics. There are several very informative guides online, but you might also benefit from taking a course. Remember it’s still an unpredictable market, so think carefully when you start investing your money.          

Understanding the basics of what cryptocurrencies are will be helpful for you. And check out the full reviews of the different platforms so you know how they work and if they fit your needs in terms of what cryptos you want to trade.

Disclaimer: information contained herein is provided without considering your personal circumstances, therefore should not be construed as financial advice, investment recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation for, any transactions in cryptocurrencies.