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Can Big Eyes Coin Compete Against Tron and Stellar Despite the Current Recession?

Aug 25, 2022, 4:43PM
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The recession is inevitable, and we've seen that for ourselves – All the significant coins plunged to their all-time lows.

The recession is inevitable, and we've seen that for ourselves – All the significant coins plunged to their all-time lows. In an interview, Mr. Kevin was asked about his stance on the downfall of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Not to forget, Mr Kevin is a venture capitalist who's been a shark on Shark Tank. His response did relieve the crypto enthusiasts because he believed this was nothing but typical wintertime as in any other financial market. According to him, it won't take long before the situation gets better, and the spring again will blossom with its full blow. 

Now, this gets us down to our concern – Those familiar with the industry know one thing: big-time money is created in times of turmoil. It's not a piece of financial advice, but this hypothesis certainly has proven itself, bearing the tests of time. So, the point is to delve into the coins, learn about the viable currencies and later capitulate over them. This is the way many have written their fates, and so can you! The coins we today will be unearthing here with you today are Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Tron (TRX), and Stellar (XLM). Let's dive in. 

Big Eyes (BIG)

Observing the charts all day long is a flaccid show, right? Well! That's pretty much what most of the coins generally show, but there are some anomalies in the industry with their Unique Selling Propositions (USP). These coins incorporate the best features, integrate them and present them to the end user. The primary objective, in these cases, is nothing but to create a solution that is not only financially viable but attractive to the general public in the long run. Whenever such a thought occupies our mind, the only name we come up with is Big Eyes (Big) because it does offer the conventional benefits of the blockchain. 

Big Eyes (Big) is a community-driven token and a meme coin. The best part of the meme coins is that these coins already have the fame factor linked to them. Yes! The administrators run marketing campaigns to scale the currency and bring more traffic to their origin. But, the memes cash like anything because they capitulate over the established network. 

The token's utility is the second part that makes or breaks the deal. We've examples of Dogecoin and Shiba that instantly plunged after the hype around them faded. It's because they didn't serve any utility. So, these coins had to fall off the roof sooner or later, which they certainly did. This isn't the case with Big Eyes Coin (BIG) because it does add a utility feature that enables its community not only to carry out transactions in a decentralized way but also to assist them in participating in competitions to make money from other streams, possibly. More about it will come down here in the post. 

Big Eyes (Big) has an exciting element that enables stakeholders to shop around, paying zero taxes. This is something we hardly observe in other tokens. So, Big Eyes (IG) wins the battle on this guard. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) isn't just about itself; it plans to create a community of like-minded people around it. One of the best parts we found incredible is the stance it takes over the charity. It believes in making a difference in the community. The platform's purpose is nothing but to serve humanity in every way possible. For this, the platform promises to share 5% of it with charity. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is set to implement a Dynamic tax system, which will be another community relief project. The external metrics would define the tax percentages, meaning there's a high chance of tax plunging to zero if necessary. The consumers, at any cost, won't be burdened with whooping fees like many others in the industry. The platform does endorse Web 3.0 - to play its part, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has installed an element allowing its community to create NFTs and compete with other enthusiasts to make the best of it. 

To further simplify the process and the Defi for an ordinary man, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has a strategy where it'll share the how-to and tutorials on the platform, and anyone can build their understanding around the subjects they potentially need to dive much deeper into. This will eliminate the need for a third party; everybody would have control in his hand and learn the process themselves. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) isn't about talking, it walks its talk, and the whitepaper the token has shared speaks for it. Everything is crystal clear, and anyone interested to know what steps it will be taking in the future is welcome to give it a read. Are you interested in exploring what we generally think about Big Eyes Coin (BIG)? Head on to the conclusion part. 


TRON (TRX) was introduced in 2017, and it's a peer-to-peer platform that aims to link the entertainment industry with the general public by utilizing the blockchain. The issue with most entertainment channels is that they're centralized, and creators are forced to adhere to the third party's terms and policies, which always have been an issue for the blockchain community. For instance, YouTube – do you think you're free to share whatever you like over this channel? If so, you're highly mistaken because the administrators strongly influence these channels, and they always have control over not only the content you create but exercise the powers to sideline it as well. 

TRON (TRX) presented this solution with its adaptable technology where creators were promoted and allowed to directly create a network with their potential audience, cutting down any intermediaries. Only the end consumer should decide a content creator's fate, depending on their quality. TRON (TRX) is its native currency that the platform rewards the creators with or the fee charged from the community subscribed to a particular channel. TRON (TRX) is currently ranked at #16 on coinmarketcap and is equivalent to 0.06 USD. 

Stellar (XLM)

Co-founder of Ripple set a base for Stellar (XLM) back in 2014. Right after its launch, it grew exponentially, disrupting the industries, and by an estimate, it's reported to increase by 49,000%. Although it plummeted sometime later, the coin showed some stability, and it's been almost eight years since the currency was around. 

Stellar (XLM) is an open-source blockchain aiming to narrow the gap between financial channels and aid cross-border transactions. Stellar's (XLM) functionality in some way resonates with Ripple, and this could be just because it's a product by the co-founder of Ripple. Stellar (XLM) relies on the Federal Byzantine Agreement to validate the transaction, which is deemed a quicker way of carrying them over to the other specified point. 

Let us break the myth, Stellar's (XLM) plan is not to be an alternative to conventional transaction channels. It instead is focused on building a medium where the finance market can link together, interact and create the best products for the community and play its role in leaving the world a better place to live for future generations. As of now, the Stellar (XLM) is ranked at 27 and is sold at a price equivalent to 0.11 USD. 

What To Make Of It

The utility of each coin differs extensively, so it's challenging to endorse or select one out of them. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a fun way of getting things across, while TRON (TRX) bridges the gap between the content creators and the end consumer. Moreover, Stellar (XLM) interlinks the finance market to solve the industry's real problems. 

But if we still had to record our verdict and come up with only one of them – it would be Big Eyes Coin (BIG) because it enables its stakeholders to shop around with zero tax. That's something we respect and believe that nowhere else is found. So, it looks like Big Eyes Coin could be a potentially winning hand! However, be sure always to do your own research. Happy trading! 




Disclaimer: information contained herein is provided without considering your personal circumstances, therefore should not be construed as financial advice, investment recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation for, any transactions in cryptocurrencies.