Five Major Sports Teams That Accept Cryptocurrencies

Aug 12, 2022, 10:24PM
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More and more sectors are accepting cryptocurrency, including the sports industry. Here are 5 sports teams accepting crypto.

There's more to it, as many sports fans love crypto sports betting, which is more secure, fast, and reliable. For example, when the events of the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc., are near, bettors check the latest NFL predictions and bet instantly with crypto. So, let's look at five major sports teams that accept cryptocurrencies and the best sportsbooks out there.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans are the first NFL team to accept cryptocurrency. This announcement in April 2021 surprised everyone. It accepts cryptocurrency tickets, suites, PSLs, and sponsorship opportunities. The NFL already has great crypto fans who bet on teams passionately. After checking the latest NFL expert picks, they use crypto to bet on the most loved league in the world. Tennessee Titans partnered with Bitcoin Magazine and Nashville-based digital assets fund UTXO Management to acknowledge cryptocurrency.

Sacramento Kings

Crypto fever is at an all-time high, and investors use all tips and tricks to be successful crypto traders. Another famous Pro sports team that is accepting crypto is Sacramento Kings. It's the first professional sports franchise of the NBA, allowing its fans to use Bitcoin as a payment method. They will expand this method to merchandise and other products shortly. 

Oakland Athletics

Oakland Athletics, a famous baseball team, is accepting digital currency to sell tickets in full swing and has already achieved a milestone. In the 2021 season, they sold a full-season suite for one bitcoin, and all the booking was done by crypto. 

A publicly traded crypto-asset platform based in New York City named Voyager Digital bought the six-person suite. The experience was hassle-free, fast, and convenient for both the organizers and fans of the team.

Dallas Mavericks 

The Dallas Mavericks, a very impressive basketball team, are all ready and in action to accept cryptocurrency. Initially, they were using Bitcoin for various payments, and now, they are moving ahead with Dogecoin. It's a digital currency, and the team is using it to accept ticket and merchandise payments. They will further expand it to more possibilities.

San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks, the popular NHL team, accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. It will accept these digital assets to sell tickets and partnerships in suit leases. Also, the team is planning to expand crypto for single-game tickets, concessions, and merchandise. 

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