Polygon Brings in Liberty to Assist With GameFi Development

Jan 26, 2022, 4:22PM
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Brought to you by Libertygaming.io

Every project in the blockchain ecosystem wants to get a share of the pie and the Polygon network in the GameFi niche is no different.

The NFT industry has seen massive growth in 2021 and it keeps getting more players to join.

Non-Fungible Tokens have brought about rapid growth to the blockchain ecosystem and the GameFi niche is one that has contributed to making players earn from doing what they love. Despite the obvious advancement and financial gain, the GameFi niche offers players, one problem supersedes. The startup cost of being a part of this ecosystem is almost unreachable for a large portion of gamers in developing countries. Most players also experience a lack of knowledge as to how the NFT and GameFi industry works and how they can profit from it.

For this cause, the Liberty Gaming Guild was founded. Liberty Gaming Guild is a barrier-breaking project that serves as a gateway for gamers to gain access to otherwise expensive and inaccessible NFTs within the GameFi industry. It provides education, training, and support in a number of areas for gamers in both play-to-earn careers and their lives. It also serves as a gateway for investors looking to invest in blockchain gaming.


Polygon is collaborating with Liberty Gaming Guild to enhance their pursuit of taking the journey into the metaverse. Given the recent launch of Polygon Studios, which focuses on blockchain gaming and NFTs, Liberty Guild will be instrumental in expanding the GameFi adoption on the Polygon blockchain. A very exciting collaboration given Polygon’s position in the crypto world and Liberty’s as one of the fastest-growing gaming guilds. I think we can see this as the beginning of a great adventure for both parties and a positive movement in the world of crypto. 

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