Why You Can Trust The Top-Rated BTC Casinos in Canada

Aug 20, 2022, 9:03PM
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Casinos have been given a bad rap over the years due to the dubiousness of many land-based platforms, but BTC casinos are trying to earn trust.

Without a doubt, this is something BTC casinos in Canada have achieved. Therefore, it is now up to these platforms to undo the damage done by some illegal casinos.

Furthermore, Bitcoin (BTC) use in casinos has shifted bettors towards buying cryptocurrency in Canada. These platforms have provided a profitable means of playing casino games far better than other establishments. Unfortunately, the skepticism of many Canadian bettors has hindered them from benefiting from these Bitcoin-operated sites.

Canadian gamblers do not easily place their trust in any gambling platform despite being viewed as one of the nicest people in the world.  These bookies must meet specific requirements for bettors to stay to gain this trust. Therefore, this article will give punters reasons why the top BTC casinos in Canada are trustworthy. 

Why Gamble with Bitcoin

The BTC currency is a global means of processing transactions, with Canadians using it regardless of location. It is the first cryptocurrency, meaning it is popular amongst crypto enthusiasts. In addition, it is the most owned and traded coin, making it the most valuable in the crypto market. Therefore some reasons to gamble with Bitcoin are listed below.

● Readily Available

With Bitcoin (BTC) being the most popular cryptocurrency, it is therefore readily available for Canadians to hold or purchase. There are numerous ways of getting Bitcoin, through a peer-to-peer sale or a crypto exchange platform. Furthermore, with a crypto wallet, they can hold the coin for an extended time.

● Accepted on a Global Level 

Canadians who own BTC can fund their casino profile from many parts of the world. Furthermore, unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin is not limited or controlled by any governing bodies or institutions. Therefore, gamblers who find it difficult to fund their accounts overseas can circumvent this issue.

● Transactions are Not Time-Consuming

Registered customers of BTC casinos in Canada can testify to the speed of the Bitcoin currency. Compared to fiat currency-operated casino bookies, Bitcoin transactions are quick and less time-consuming. In addition, transactions are confirmed quickly, with it being able to process multiple transactions in a second. 

● A Cost-effective Means of Gambling

With the absence of any financial institution imposing heavy levies on transactions, gambling with BTC has proven to be very cost-effective. For example, in Canada today, the government is entitled to a specific amount for many online transactions. Furthermore, with fiat currency-operated casinos also working with third-party financial institutions for their payments, it increases the charges imposed on bettors.

Why You Can Trust the BTC Casinos in Canada

The quality BTC casinos in Canada have gone out of their way to ensure they gain the trust of Canadian punters. These platforms possess many features a legit gambling platform should have, making them a trustworthy establishment for bettors. Therefore we've discussed a few reasons bettors can place their trust in BTC casinos in Canada.

● Licensing and Regulators are of Premium Quality

BTC Casinos in Canada operate with the best in licensing on their platforms. Furthermore, an excellent and trustworthy casino is determined by its license type. A gaming license helps to show bettors that these sites are regulated.  Therefore they provide a fair and transparent betting platform for Canadians. 

The licensing helps to show that this site has met the required standard it is supposed to have. Also, it proves that the casino is legitimate because it operates under a country's jurisdiction. There are many premium quality licenses BTC casinos in Canada work with, such as the Kahnawake Gaming License, Ontario gaming, and lottery license, Malta Gambling Authority License, and the Curacao eGaming license. 

● Games are of Industry Standard 

A good and trusted BTC casino would not work with low-quality game providers or sub-standard slot machines. The quality of the game offered to Canadian bettors will help them determine if a site can be trusted or not. Therefore many BTC casinos in Canada thrill their customers with a large assortment of top-quality games, which gives Canadians an enjoyable gambling experience. 

BTC casinos provide so many gambling options for Canadians. These bettors have access to games like live poker, roulette, blackjack, dice, craps, baccarat, and others. Furthermore, slot gambling lovers are not left out with over 50 plus slot games, and all with a high RTP.

● Their Platforms are Secure and Encrypted

In crypto-based casino establishments, the security of their platform and customers is of utmost priority. Since these casinos operate with Bitcoin, it uses blockchain technology to process transactions. 

Furthermore, to avoid being hacked, BTC casinos in Canada regularly run tests on their sites' security systems to ensure that there are no loopholes hackers could use. In addition, it also has an added level of security with these casinos using 128-bit SSL encryption on their sites.

● Reliable Customer Support 

When gambling, no matter the means used, be it online casinos or land-based casinos, you may undoubtedly experience challenges in which you might need help. Therefore, a good and reliable customer support system shows that these bookies value their customers. In addition, multiple selections of means bettors can use to prove that bettors can trust BTC casinos in Canada. 

A 24/7 live chat option is the crucial feature Canadians should look for in a bookies site. With this feature, you are constantly communicating with a customer care representative who can help you in the nick of time. In addition, other options like phone calls, email, and social media handles should also be made available to gamblers. 

● Terms and Conditions are Crystal Clear

Most casinos are not transparent in their terms and conditions section. Many hide specific rules that could prove detrimental to customers. BTC casinos in Canada's Ts and Cs are understandable and easy to grasp.

Disclaimer: information contained herein is provided without considering your personal circumstances, therefore should not be construed as financial advice, investment recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation for, any transactions in cryptocurrencies.