logo, blue and white arrows pointing down Endorses Free Crypto and Announces Airdrop Program

Oct 18, 2018, 9:50AM
1 min, 6 sec READ plans to give away tokens to its wallet users. Why does the site favor airdrops, and how will this benefit the crypto world? has given its seal of approval to airdrops, claiming that the practice provides benefits to crypto users and creators alike.'s ringing endorsement is detailed in a new whitepaper, and the company has additionally announced an intent to carry out airdrops itself.

As one of the most popular wallet providers,'s Airdrop Program will undoubtedly distribute tokens to a vast audience. These token giveaways allow cryptocurrency to reach the wallets of users who would otherwise be excluded from the market; as explained by the whitepaper, both ICOs and mining can pose major barriers that prevent people from obtaining cryptocurrency. also notes that airdrops can benefit crypto creators by facilitating decentralization. Crypto teams usually allocate their tokens to internal groups, partners, and public sales. But by distributing tokens freely via an airdrop, creators can ensure that their coin is spread far and wide. As the paper notes, each cryptocurrency becomes more useful as more people gain access to it.

The paper outlines a number of guidelines that will follow in order to decide which coins to partner with. Although will curate reputable tokens and airdrop them directly to users, airdrops are not safe from scams. Fraudulent airdrops can put unsafe demands on users, and as such, users should thoroughly investigate airdrops before participating.

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