Five People Who Became Very Rich Thanks to Bitcoins

Jul 5, 2021, 12:58PM
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Bitcoin is the #1 cryptocurrency that foresees making secure payments worldwide and keeps money safe thanks to the decentralized system.


Bitcoin is the #1 cryptocurrency that foresees making secure payments worldwide and keeps money safe thanks to the decentralized system. A lot of people all around the world use it for transferring money and making purchases online. However, since the cryptocurrency cost is volatile and is regulated by the demand for coins, bitcoin becomes very attractive for investors. BTC experiences super-fast growth sometimes. It brings the opportunity for venture capitalists to double or even multiply their investments in a short period. The latest price peak achieved by bitcoin was $63,729.5, according to Coinbase. Consequently, a lot of people have become very rich because of the rapid growth of BTC. Read about the top five people who got rich thanks to BTC.


Charlie Shrem

Charlie is a clever guy who could use bitcoin as an instrument for getting large profits. He was interested in finances and technology, including blockchain. Charlie was able to predict the fast price growth of the coin when the cost per one was less than $100. He took a chance and invested a lot of money in BTC. Sonner, the price exploded. Charlie could get an impressive return on investments and earned 450 million dollars. However, he didn't decide to spend all the earnings on luxury property and cars. He established a company that Roger Van supported. Unfortunately, he was charged with money laundering and got arrested. These days, he is already released from prison. Charlie continues developing his investment business.

Erik Finman

Erik is a young millionaire who could raise millions of dollars thanks to bitcoin at 18. He invested a $1,000 gift in BTC when the approximate price for one coin was $1. Erik is a self-taught specialist who has deep knowledge of cryptocurrency. He became engaged with financial systems when he was a kid. His knowledge and analytical skills helped him to become a millionaire fast. When Eric was a school student, he had a low GPA. Once, a teacher said that the only job that Eric will get is a cashier in a fast-food restaurant. The prospect of going to college and studying hard for four years didn't attract him. He also didn't want to reach the essay helper online to delegate his assignments while studying. Therefore, he agreed with his parents that Erik wouldn't be required to go to college if he became a millionaire at 18 y.o. Consequently, Erik doesn't have a higher education diploma yet. These days, he is 22 years old. His net worth is five million dollars.

John Ratcliff

John is a person who got a fortune thanks to bitcoin. He didn't have a vast background in investments and millions of dollars to buy many coins. John received his first BTC as a gift. On that day, its price was roughly $10. Sooner, he decided to spend $150,000 to purchase 150 coins for $100 each. Then he considered holding the coins to sell them for good money. When the BTC cost exploded, he became a millionaire. Using the profits, he paid off all the debts and purchased a Tesla Roadster car. Also, he started building the house of his dreams that was worth 1,4 million dollars. John put all the cash on a deposit to get a good passive income for the rest of his life.

The Winklevoss Twins

These guys are very popular in the world of investments and trading. The brothers are Harvard-educated. They were exceptional students, so the question, "Who can write my paper for me?" didn't arise in their heads. The twins were forced by the desire to get rich. They became popular because of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. They state that the global social network idea was developed by them and stolen by Mark. They had hard times trying to get justice on their side. After attaining their goal, they decided to invest the Facebook lawsuit into BTC coins. It was an awesome idea that brought them millions of dollars. They are engaged by cryptocurrency and invest a lot of money and effort into developing helpful tools and ecosystems for traders. These days, they own roughly 1% of all the coins that circulate in the network.

Roger Ver

Indeed the greatest profits were gained by those who invested in bitcoin in the very beginning. Roger noticed the potential of a decentralized payment system and decided to invest a lot of money into bitcoin and BTC-related companies. In addition, Roger was an active promoter who convinced a lot of people to start using BTC. He was patient and didn't sell his coins when they lost their cost. Sonner, the price started growing fast. Consequently, he could make half of a billion using BTC as an investment. Worth noting, Roger was already a successful businessman and had millions of dollars on his account. However, he could turn them into hundreds of millions. Due to this, a lot of people call him "Bitcoin Jesus." Roger spends a large share of his earnings on charity.

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