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3 Top Cryptos To Watch For The Rest of 2023: Tron, Polkadot & Caged Beasts

Jun 21, 2023, 10:44AM
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Let's look at the best-performing cryptos of the year so far, and one that will debut this year that is expected to become a market contender.

Here are the 3 top cryptos worth watching for the rest of this year: Tron (TRON), Polkadot (DOT), and Caged Beasts (BEASTS)!

A Tron Anniversary

Launched in 2017 by a non-profit organization, Tron is a DeFi network that aims to conserve energy on the blockchain by cutting out the middleman in entertainment transactions. With its delegated proof-of-stake consensus, Tron has the capability to process a whopping 2000 transactions per second. This means faster and more efficient transactions for users. 

Plus, Tron allows individual developers to create DeFi applications and smart contracts without worrying about high transaction costs. It's a win-win situation! No wonder Tron quickly gained popularity and built a strong community with over 100 million holders worldwide. That's a massive following!

In May 2023, Tron achieved a remarkable feat alongside the Ethereum blockchain. Tether tokens issued on the Tron blockchain reached a staggering $46 billion, surpassing Ethereum's $36.8 billion. This accounted for over 60% of the circulating supply of USDT. 

And let's not forget, Tron recently celebrated its fifth anniversary since the launch of its mainnet. Over the past five years, Tron has processed a mind-boggling 5.6 billion transactions and currently boasts a total value locked of $5.7 billion. Now, that's some serious blockchain power!

Polkadots More Than A Fashion Statement

Imagine the blockchain as a canvas covered in scattered polka dots. Each dot represents a separate network with its own data and applications. What Polkadot does is connect these dots securely, regardless of compatibility, allowing users to leverage the data and applications from multiple platforms without sacrificing speed and scalability. It's like having the best of both worlds! 

To top it off, Polkadot has its own native governance token, which adds even more utility within and beyond the platform. Currently sitting just outside the top 10 cryptocurrencies, Polkadot has made incredible strides since its launch three years ago in 2020. It's a force to be reckoned with!

Control These Caged Beasts

Now, let's talk about the exciting prospect of Caged Beasts. Brace yourselves, folks, because this crypto has the potential to blow us all away in 2023. While it hasn't even launched its presale yet, Caged Beasts is already generating a buzz among early supporters. 

Unlike Tron and Polkadot, Caged Beasts is a meme coin that revolves around a unique narrative that adds an extra layer of excitement to its utility. Drawing inspiration from the classic tale of Jekyll and Hyde, Caged Beasts will unleash creatures in each stage of its presale. These creatures promise to mutate and evolve over time, eventually becoming powerful beasts capable of wreaking havoc. Now, that's something you don't see every day in the crypto world!

But wait, there's more! Caged Beasts has a sweet referral program in store for buyers. By using their unique referral code to invite friends and family to join the fun, users will be rewarded with an instant 10% deposit of top cryptocurrencies like ETH. It's a fantastic way to spread the word and earn some crypto while you're at it. Talk about a win-win situation!


Tron, Polkadot, and Caged Beasts are making waves in the crypto world, each bringing its unique set of features and opportunities. Whether it's Tron's energy efficiency, Polkadot's interconnectedness, or Caged Beasts incentives, there is something valuable for everyone to find in all three of the these exciting cryptos!

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