Yevhen Rudenko: 2x.Energy Began Developing a Blockchain Platform

Mar 1, 2024, 5:10PM
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According to Rudenko, 2x.Energy is developing a blockchain platform to account for monetary energy that people exchange within the project.

2x.Energy began developing a blockchain platform to account for monetary energy that the people exchange within the project, Yevhen Rudenko, the project’s founder, wrote in his LinkedIn, according to the company’s press release.

“I am happy to announce that we have completed the design phase and 2x.Energy has now launched the development of a blockchain platform for accounting for monetary energy that people exchange within our project. It is a new revolutionary page in the history of the development of both DeFi and the entire blockchain industry,” stated Rudenko. 

At this stage, 2x.Energy developers are implementing the main ideas of the project. 

2х.Energy initiator Yevhen Rudenko and the Project’s team believe that this will be a revolutionary page in the development of DeFi and the entire blockchain industry.

“2x.Energy plans to make the project global in the future and attract millions of people from all around the world to participate in it, opening an opportunity to exchange monetary energy based on a new algorithm for them, while making positive changes both inside the new blockchain system and in the world,” the official press release of the company reads. 

2x.Energy creators believe that the energy aimed at good deeds follows the universal law of energy return (Law of Compensation). That is what the new blockchain system is designed to show and prove.

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