Bitcoin Gambling Adds Ethereum To Crypto Betting Guide

Feb 13, 2019, 1:37PM
3 min, 6 sec READ
Brought to you by announces the addition of new cryptocurrencies to their cryptocurrency gambling reviews and how-to guides website. has recently announced that they will begin adding additional cryptocurrencies to their popular website of reviews and how to guide style resources for cryptocurrency gambling. This change stems from the growing number of alternative currencies which have been popping up to address the many issues with Bitcoin itself, which at times can be painfully slow or even expensive when making deposits or withdrawals at high traffic times. One of the best parts about crypto-currency is having the ability to choose a better option or to adapt existing options to fit the task at hand if one solution isn't working. So, In an effort to give players the most complete and comprehensive experience when it comes to online crypto casinos, the team behind the website will begin offering guides which cater to players seeking these new currencies, such as Ethereum. While newer players may not immediately understand why they would need to use an altcoin like Ethereum over Bitcoin, there are many advantages, and the platform's new Ethereum gambling guide will help to assist them with any questions they might have when making the swap.

The website itself offers numerous guides and resources which will be of great use to many fans of the niche no matter what cryptocurrency they choose. This includes not only reviews of the platforms, important industry news, and group discussions but also a large forum with hundreds of registered users. Having instant access to real consumer feedback helps to confirm that online reviews are in fact legitimate and not purchased by the provider. The site also allows individuals to submit their own reports for casinos which may not be acting in accordance with what is expected of them regarding payouts and fair play. This gives players access to a wider range of reviews and opinions which can be helpful in identifying potential red flags or problems. While there are of course plenty of legitimate sites in the crypto gambling niche, there are still some who will simply steal your money or take their sweet time to make a payout, leaving players with little recourse but to wait and hope for the best. However, by using a community site like this one, you don't need to learn everything by yourself the hard way. has already provided a valuable resource for those who are participating in various Bitcoin gambling activities such as poker, slots or even sports betting platforms to protect themselves from fraud, but branching out into Ethereum could provide these players with even better opportunities.

Of all of the alternative currencies, the one that has been the most widely utilized for these new blockchain casinos is Ethereum. This is because Ethereum, while functioning perfectly fine as a currency, is much more than that. It still benefits from many of the altcoin perks such as faster confirmation times and more affordable transaction fees, but it's also a fully functional Dapp hosting platform. The Ethereum network allows for these gaming applications to be built directly on top of the blockchain. This gives players the opportunity to partake in truly decentralized ventures that can't just be shut down like those hosted under normal environments. These games and betting opportunities also take advantage of cryptocurrency's simplest and yet strongest feature, the im-mutable ledger. This provides a transparent record of all transactions, making it near impossible for operators to be dishonest about payouts or to skim off the top of the winner's pots. All in all, this makes Ethereum a powerful addition to the niche and an excellent addition for visitors to the site.

Disclaimer: information contained herein is provided without considering your personal circumstances, therefore should not be construed as financial advice, investment recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation for, any transactions in cryptocurrencies.