Four Key Things You Didn't Know About the Metaverse

May 28, 2022, 2:15AM
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Web3 and blockchain bring many much-needed changes to the way people view the world and the possibilities of what a digital metaverse could be.

NFF, or Non Fungible Films, is a new and exciting way that multimedia entertainment is being pioneered into the world of the blockchain. This is an important effort to bridge the world of entertainment and consumption with the emerging realities of Web3. Not only that, but this is a movement to help highlight, empower, and launch the next wave of important talent when it comes to the world of Web3 and its concepts. 

In society, the role that media and entertainment play is crucial. It helps to shape culture and gives millions of people common grounds to relate to each other. Not only that, but it brings joy and satisfaction to so many people. Whether you are enjoying a solo gaming experience or seeing a film with friends and family, it’s hard to express the importance of media.

When it comes to the future of digital interactions and the expansion of Web3, NFF seeks to create a multi-media outlet that serves as a platform for creatives to thrive. But not just for creatives, this multi-metaverse is something that can be consumed and enjoyed with a sense of ownership and importance thanks to the token-based systems. This creates a world where the consumer is just as important as the creator, with transparency and ownership that’s decentralized. 

So what is this multi-metaverse that can be experienced through NFFs, and why should you care about it? Here are four things you didn’t know about the metaverse. 

1. You Can Experience Films in The Metaverse 

As the name implies, there are a multitude of things to do in the metaverse. A metaverse is a concept that originated in science fiction literature about a society that takes place completely in a shared digital format. Many people, when thinking of the term metaverse, may think of futuristic, immersive experiences where you can leave reality as you know it and dive into a fully immersed, digital, life-like experience. 

While this isn’t necessarily going to be the case, at least for the foreseeable future, this concept is still at the core of what the metaverse is. It’s a digital platform, or space where an entire society can live and have unique, meaningful experiences. One of those experiences is that you can interact with uniquely created, non-fungible films. 

As you may already know, a non-fungible token allows for a digital piece of property to be uniquely minted. This is one of the ways that people have found value and created culture within the blockchain. In 2022 the market for NFTs exploded with endorsements from massive pop-culture icons who have brought this form of art and commerce into the public eye. 

With an NFF, using a token gated system, you and your friends and family can enjoy unique, token, cinema experiences. 

2. You Need Cryptocurrency To Enjoy

The NFF metaverse is completely built on the concepts and forward movement of the blockchain, Web3 reality. This means that a comprehensive membership that gets you access to all of this will be available via cryptocurrency. The good news is that there are tons of resources for how to understand cryptocurrency, which one can work best for you and it’s easier than you think to join the wave of the future. 

3. The Metaverse is Creator Forward

One of the big concepts behind Web3 is the decentralization of power and information which currently exists as one of the biggest problems in Web 2.0. While Web 2.0 focused on unique content creation, it also allows for corporations and specific entities to amass substantial monopolies within the digital world. 

This came at a cost to creators. The exciting thing about NFTs and the multi-metaverse of NFF, is that this promotes the control and ownership of the creator. It’s impossible to duplicate or pirate unique content on the blockchain. What’s more, is that the blockchain has a transparency of sale, so that records are always available and public. 

4. The Metaverse Comes With A Creation Sweat

Because NFF is about bridging the gap between multiple media types and Web3, this unique metaverse will come with a content creation tool that will help champion and pioneer talent in this new medium. This will represent an exciting time to see new talents, brands, and names emerge as Web3 grows and expands. Everything from play-to-ear gaming and view-to-earn streaming, NFTs, and more are all possibilities in the Metaverse. 


Web3 and the blockchain bring so many much-needed changes to the way people view the world and the possibilities of what a digital metaverse could be. NFF uniquely builds a vital bridge for the world of media and creativity to find its place in this new digital age. Access to the metaverse and the ability to leave your mark as a digital creator is a powerful way to pioneer the next generation of emerging talent and bring media into Web3. 

Disclaimer: information contained herein is provided without considering your personal circumstances, therefore should not be construed as financial advice, investment recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation for, any transactions in cryptocurrencies.