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How to Learn About Blockchain Technology: Five Tips

Jun 3, 2020, 1:55PM
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Blockchain technology has become increasingly dominant in the world and it’s soon going to take over many technological industries.

Students and adults alike should get a better understanding of how this system works in order to be able to use it accordingly. Refusing to learn something that increases in popularity will not bring you closer to success – however, being open and adamant about learning is an amazing quality that will soon help you climb the success ladder. Since pure data shows us that spending on crypto technology will grow from 1.5 billion (2018) to 15.9 billion (2023), it is quite clear why you should start learning about blockchain. If you are smart – and I’m sure that you are since you are reading this – you will get to it in no time. If you’re wondering how, here are five solutions. 

1. Start reading more 

Theory is essential for us to comprehend the meaning behind this technology. If you are not tech-savvy, you might have a harder time understanding the new concepts and all the relevant info, which is why you should start reading more. By reading, you familiarize yourself with the content in no time, meaning you can easily acquire new information that resembles the one you just stored in your memory. There are many books on blockchain technology out there so make sure you start somewhere. 

Most of the content that you’ll find will be Bitcoin-based – but don’t disregard it. Understanding Bitcoin helps you understand blockchain; in fact, it will ease the learning process in no time. For a better grasp of Bitcoin, you can check the book “Mastering Bitcoin” by Antonopoulos. Anyway, even if you don’t have the time or schedule-room to read about such an exhaustive topic, at least make time to read about the newest technological trends. It’ll help tremendously. 

2. Take some classes 

The best and easiest way to enter the tech-world is by having someone explain it to you. Then, the hands-on experience must follow. However, if you are really parallel with how technology runs, you might want to enroll in some online classes to get a better gist of its efficiency. ConsenSys Academy offers some great courses on blockchain essentials and the fundamentals of blockchain. You could look into what they have to offer; they’re cool because they work with you, meaning you can choose the rhythm of your progress and take your time to finish the required work. 

You could also watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, or buy essay online for cheap to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency – it depends on what type of learner you are. If you’re kinesthetic, take the online class; for audio, choose the podcasts. For video, watch the videos. Find the solution that fits you the best.

3. Join events and conferences

The coolest way to learn about blockchain is by attending events, both online and offline. Community members respect each other and learn from each other every single day – so you could be one of them! As a student, the BEN group would probably fit you the best; if you are an international learner, you should go for #BUIDL. All you have to do is sign up and listen. If you are curious, don’t hesitate to ask questions and make yourself heard. Most people will be intrigued by your energy; they might not only respect you more but want to connect with you personally.

You could also attend hackathons, which is slang for marathons for “hackers” or, in other words, people who know how to work with computers and are crazy about technology. You could meet many people your age at these events and might even make some amazing friends, who knows? In any case, going places like conferences and events is definitely the go-to. 

4. Be proactive 

If you decided to take an online class, there are some rules that you should check out before starting. To get a real gist of what blockchain is, you must be proactive and involved. Here are some ideas that might help you:

  • Be curious and seek the information that you want. Don’t wait for trainers to give it to you. Go get it!
  • If that means getting recognized in public often, so be it. Asking questions is never wrong and you should not afraid of it. Stand up for what you believe in. 
  • Contextualize the reason! WHY do you want to learn about blockchain technology?
  • Get some practice in after understanding the theory. Understanding only the theory without experimenting with the realness of practicing is an illusion. Go do it!

5. Understand the WHYs

  • Blockchain is resilient against attacks.
  • It’s quick and easy to follow once you understand it – it saves time, so it inherently saves you money.
  • The transactions cannot be altered with. Every modification to the blockchain is seen. Thus, it is not vulnerable to being damaged. 
  • It prevents fraud and destruction of intellectual property. 
  • It keeps your transactions secure and your funds safe by using cryptocurrency. 
  • It’s decentralized, meaning no one controls it. There are, though, rules on how nodes are created to keep the quality of the system high. 
  • It’s a great way to collaborate in a financially secure environment. 


Learning about blockchain is important today, as technology progresses. This new system is the basis for the future world economy, so you’d better start learning about it. If you get stuck, make sure you go back to the basics. Learning takes time and commitment but is definitely worth it.

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