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What is Ethos?

Ethos aims to create a cryptocurrency services company based on the Ethereum platform to help break down traditional barriers to entry to the cryptocurrency universe.

The Ethos platform is designed to offer specific solutions to the new economy:

  • A trustless ecosystem that allows you to choose, share, and navigate the ever-growing number of cryptocurrencies, unifying your financial assets with powerful investment models and structures to build your financial knowledge and wealth.
  • A social model that seeks to incentivize community knowledge, increasing your financial literacy in a fun and rewarding way.
  • A universal wallet that allows users to manage their crypto assets while keeping control of their private keys.
  • Easy and secure diversification across cryptological and traditional assets.
  • Scalable API services to give businesses, developers, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own cryptocurrency services.
  • Syndicated information about cryptocurrencies and markets through data feeds.

Shingo Lavine is the CEO and founder of Ethos. The company’s stated mission is to make the cryptocurrency market trustworthy and accessible to the average user, democratizing ownership of cryptocurrencies and traditional financial assets, and accelerating the adoption of Blockchain technology.

Ethos aims to help make the new, emerging economy easy, secure, and accessible to everyone by allowing any person around the world to acquire cryptocurrency and other financial assets quickly, and providing users with an environment to learn and socialize with others.

The Ethos platform is composed of three main products:

Ethos Universal Wallet

A decentralized wallet allowing for the easy transfer of value to and from any location in the world. The wallet links seamlessly with the fiat-diversification layer.

Fiat and Diversification

The system has a unique structure with a currency diversification system powered by the Ethos network tokens.

Social and Community

The platform aims to connect beginners and experienced users and to provide an incentive to those who help to educate others.

The platform will provide a friendly environment for learning and begin to interact with cryptocurrencies within a dynamic, public and private clusters, that is built on the strong Ethos community.

Ethos Tokens

The Ethos Token (ETHOS) will be used on the platform to incentivize value creation and community building through a reward system, allow access to the platform’s features, and pay for fees.

An initial sale of 100M ETHOS was held on June 28th, 2017 that ended on July 16th, 2017. The total supply of tokens will be 222295208 ETHOS, of which there is already a circulating supply of 75401962 tokens.

The tokens recovered by fees will form part of a “liquidity network” that enables users to change allocations between various currencies easily and transact with each other or send value outside the platform. ETHOS tokens will:

  • Act as the payment method for accessing services on the platform.
  • Pay for API calls and transaction fees.
  • Enhance liquidity, thus helping with changes in user asset allocations.
  • Serve as the basis for an effective reputation and rewards system.
  • Enable users to conduct transactions with each other.

However, ETHOS tokens will NOT:

  • Produce profits or dividends of any kind.
  • Give holders the opportunity to vote on company matters, or
  • Imply ownership of company assets in any way.
Jun 28, 2017
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