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Truffle, an Ethereum Smart Contract Suite, Makes Blockchain Development Easy

Jun 13, 2018, 9:47AM
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Truffle is a software suite that aims to become the standard for the creation and deployment of efficient and secure smart contracts for Ethereum

Truffle, a project dubbed "Ethereum's Swiss Army Knife",  is a software suite that aims to become the standard for the creation and deployment of smart contracts in the Ethereum ecosystem. Primarily, the Truffle framework offers a set of solutions to the main problems limiting the fast and secure development of Ethereum smart contracts. The project

  • Supports several versions of the Solidity compiler, handles the management of all contract artifacts and supports complex Ethereum apps and library linking
  • Provides easy to use environments for the development, production and integration of smart contracts with access to their own Ethereum accounts, addresses, and nodes
  • Allows developers to test-drive their smart contracts before deploying them
  • Provides access to hundreds of dependencies from the NPM and EthPM repositories
  • Allows the production of savable config files to easily commit environments to git and share them with peers
  • Enables access to the Web3.js interface from the integrated Truffle console, so developers can call web functions from outside the browser

Truffle can be easily installed on your computer through nodejs' Node Package Manager. Once installed, it can be tested by using an included demo project called “MetaCoin”, which allows users to practice every step needed to successfully build and deploy a smart contract for Ethereum.

According to cryptocurrency YouTuber Rooke, Ethereum has “already won” the bid for the world’s standard for the development of decentralized apps, in part because of projects like the Truffle framework which currently counts over 500 thousand downloads.

It seems that interest for this project is on the rise. In his video, Rooke also added that the number of downloads of the Truffle suite is greater today than it was during the Ethereum price peak of Early 2018. A complete guide to Truffle, with instructions on how to download and operate it can be found here.

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