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ADZcoin is the Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency of the content discovery platform with a built-in RSS reader called ADZbuzz network. This platform aims to provide users with a content discovery platform that tackles several of the most pressing issues for the online ad industry, namely, the loss of revenue brought by the popularization of ad-blocking browser add-ons, increase advertisement costs related to loss of customer trust, and the rejection from internet users because of aggressive or annoying advertising.

The ADZbuzz platform was founded by Jens Steyaert and several other members from the ADZbuzz team, and it was originally announced on by forum user "coinstatic" on August 19, 2016. The original post provided links to a whitepaper for the project, as well to the windows compatible and online versions of the ADZcoin wallet.

The Platform and Coins

Although it is based on the original Bitcoin code, ADZCoin uses the X11 Algorithm, and uses Proof of Work as a consensus system with 60 second block times, and 40 ADZ rewarded for each block mined. The total supply of coins was set at 84 million ADZ. The system was designed to halve block rewards approximately every 12 months (first after 526K blocks), and to use the multipool-resistant DigiShield for difficulty retargeting.

Every ADZcoin represents a portion of the value of the whole ADZbuzz Network daily ad inventory. According to the project's specifications, advertisers can swap their advertisement-intended funds for credits on the network, which would allow publishers to enjoy unlimited exposure, under a "pay once, advertise forever" system. Publishers who wish to exchange their ADZcoins for permanent ADZbuzz ad space need to burn their coins, of which a total of 14.7 million have been burned as of February 2018.

ADZcoins can be obtained through mining on pools like Aikapool,, and Zergpool, or through trade on platforms like YoBit, Livecoin, BITBOX, and Coinexchange, where it can be traded for ETH, BTC, USD, RUR or DOGE. The ADZbuzz platform also hosts a digital asset exchange called the ADZbuzz Exchange, that allows users to exchange assets like BTC, ETH, and others, and offers 100% cashback on any trading fees, plus an additional 50% for trading fees of any referred users.

The platform also offers a daily airdrop system that gives users a second token called ADZbuzz Bonus Tokens (ABT) which cannot be traded for ADZ or any other currencies, except for a third token called the ADZbuzz Community Tokens (ACT), which are Ethereum ERC20 tokens users can trade on the ADZbuzz Exchange or hold to receive daily dividends.

Concerned Community Members

Although the ADZbuzz project seems to be in active development according to their published roadmap, some Bitcointalk users have created threads discussing the possibility of the project being a Ponzi scheme, since Jens Steyaert (Jenss on the forum), has been allegedly involved with forum users who have been behind other scammy ad networks like the failed PTSads, Mcfads, and PRofitAdz. Forum members coinstatic and JensS have directly dismissed these claims as ramblings from “idiot trolls” on the forum. As of September 2018, the total market cap of ADZcoin is under $300,000, with each coin prized at less than $0.01.

Mar 18, 2017
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