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358,562,714 QASH

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1,000,000,000 QASH

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1,000,000,000 QASH

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What is Qash?

QASH is the cryptocurrency of the QUOINE LIQUID Platform. This project was founded by CEO Mike Kayamori and President and CTO Mario Gomez Lozada in 2014. QUOINE LIQUID aims to enable greater cryptocurrency liquidity by providing a system for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies using any fiat currency. QUOINE plans to achieve this by combining individual exchange “silos” (a product of the liquidity difference between trading pairs offered in every cryptocurrency exchange) into one pool by using two products named “The World Book” and “Prime Brokerage”.

The “LIQUID World Book” is a register of prices and orders from cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide that organizes them all into a unique order book available to users of the QUOINE LIQUID platform. The objective of the LIQUID World Book is to enable any trader anywhere to use any available fiat currency to obtain or cash out their digital assets. It is expected that a product like this would raise the trading power of underserved markets worldwide.

“Prime Brokerage” is a tool that enables traders to access services offered by the LIQUID World Book. The tool allows users to access all available trading pairs in any exchange around the world without requiring them to open an account on any of those exchanges. Prime Brokerage will also provide credit line services and will use a trader´s existing balances to leverage trades in the platform.

QASH is an ERC-20 compliant token that is to be used as a form of payment in the QUOINE LIQUID ecosystem. Possession of this digital asset lets users access special promotions, discounts, and ICO investment perks for any project that wishes to launch their coin through the QUOINE LIQUID platform.

The developer team for the project has also designed this digital asset with characteristics that would allow any organization to use the QASH Token in a similar way to how some institutions use Ripple. QASH Tokens can be held using any ERC-20 compliant wallet such as MyEtherWallet, or the popular hardware wallet Ledger Nano S. These Tokens can be obtained in cryptocurrency exchanges like Huobi, Quoine, Qryptos, Gate.io and Ethfinex using either USD, JPY, BTC, or ETH.
QUOINE is the first crypto company to receive an official license from Japan´s Financial Services Agency. During its ICO, QUOINE LIQUID managed to sell $105 Million worth of QASH Tokens at $0.31 in just 48 hours from the 6th to 8th of November 2017.

Oct 23, 2017
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