hand holding smartphone showing Fondu app, Ethereum logo in green

Fondu Lets Anyone Write Ethereum Smart Contracts, No Programming Experience Needed

Aug 9, 2018, 12:30PM
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A new tool allows users to create smart contracts and token crowdsales with just a few clicks, making crypto-related projects more user-friendly

Fondu, a new web app, lets users create Ethereum smart contracts with just a few simple steps. Any user can configure a smart contract via a web form, which generates a downloadable script. So far, Fondu can be used to create tokens and launch crowdsales.

The tool was designed by Nikita Kolmogorov, a GitHub programmer whose other crypto-related projects include a Bitcoin lottery app, an ETH installer, and a trading bot tool for use on the (now defunct) exchange e-BTC.com.

There is some concern that his current project will lead to an influx of unnecessary ICOs and scams. In response, Kolmogorov argued smart contracts are not very costly for an ICO to create in the first place, and that fraudulent ICOs would exist whether he created Fondu or not.

Fondu taps into a very small niche; the tool is still in a proof of concept stage and is not widely applicable. Fondu only offers a handful of options, meaning that if users want to build upon Fondu's generated contracts, they will need to edit JavaScript and Solidity code, making the 'no programming knowledge required' claims less valid. However, "building block" interfaces like EtherScripter can bridge the gap between Fondu and full-on coding.

Fondu is closely aligned with similar projects which share the goal of making crypto-related projects more user-friendly.

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