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Hublot Creates a Bitcoin Inspired Timepiece That Can Only Be Purchased with BTC

Sep 30, 2018, 9:24AM
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Hublot, a luxury watch manufacturer has created an exclusive Bitcoin inspired timepiece that can only be purchased with BTC,

Hublot, a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer, has created a new watch solely for Bitcoin hodlers. The Big Bang “Blockchain” model can only be purchased with BTC, and commemorates Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary.

According to the pre-sale page on Hublot’s website, the Big Bang Blockchain features an “Art of Fusion” design that combines elements inspired by cryptocurrency with the manufacturer’s well-known industrial motif. 

the watch features Big Bang’s signature industrial design as well as aesthetics inspired from cryptocurrency. To no surprise, ‘210’ was chosen for a reason. This Big Bang watch was created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of this epochal invention including the fact that only 21 million bitcoins will ever exist in this world.

To help bridge the gap between the Swiss watch manufacturer and the cryptoverse, Hublot has partnered with Octagon Strategy Limited (OSL), a large digital asset brokerage based in Asia. OSL will help promote and sell the blockchain inspired timepiece and will process customer payments during the pre-sale. At present, there is no price tag on the Blockchain model, and customers will have to register their data with OSL on a dedicated website in order to inquire about cost.

To further add appeal for blockchain enthusiasts, Hublot and OSL have compiled a short whitepaper to outline the project, and each individual transaction ID will be etched into the side of the case provided with the watch when purchased.

Hublot’s new Blockchain-inspired watch reflects a growing trend among today’s design and arts community that looks to pull inspiration from crypto to create products that can then be marketed back to crypto-enthusiasts. Kevin Abocsh, a conceptual artist, made headlines earlier this year when he unveiled a series of art projects that focused on blockchain and specifically targeted crypto-users who wanted to spend their crypto on something representative of their interests in blockchain. 

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