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Thiel Fellowship Selection Includes Polkadot's Robert Habermeier

Jun 26, 2018, 8:00AM
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Polkadot's Peter Habermeier leads four Thiel Felllows from the blockchain arena, opening a new two-year window for rapid development.

PayPal's Peter Thiel is the head of a two-year program which grants young entrepreneurs a chance to jump-start their dreams. The Thiel Fellowship selects between 20 and 25 budding stars to place a hold on standard education in pursuit of real-world application. Recipients win not only $100,000, but a connection to the Thiel Fellowship's valuable network of investors, scientists, and successful entrepreneurs as well.

This year's winners of the Thiel Fellowship grant include four blockchain founders and operators, these are

  • Aparna Krishnan - Mechanism Labs, Co-Founder
  • Axel Ericsson - Vest, Co-Founder
  • Daniel Ternyak - MyCryptoChief Technology Officer
  • Robert Habermeier - Polkadot, Co-Founder

Previous fellows include Ethereum's founder and cryptocurrency extraordinaire Vitalik Buterin. Few expect these current projects to blossom into the $50 billion platform that is Ethereum, but the Thiel Fellowships grants the opportunity to try.

Many have Polkadot and Habermeier as the premier project to watch. The "heterogenous multi-chain technology" offers a lofty goal of completely decentralizing the internet by establishing a scalable environment which allows independent blockchains to perform inter-chain transactions with the promise of privacy and security.

Polkadot has seen certain delays in the early stages of its roadmap thus far. A small push from the Thiel Fellowship group and its vital resources may be exactly what the new technology needs to get off the ground.

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