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Study Shows That Women Are Showing More Interest in Cryptocurrency

Jun 11, 2018, 10:34PM
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A study has concluded that women's interest in cryptocurrency has doubled. It also concluded that women were more likely to seek advice.

A study conducted by City A.M. has concluded that the number of women showing interest in cryptocurrency has effectively doubled in the last six months, jumping from 6% to 13%. In other words, 1 in 8 women is now inclined to invest in cryptocurrency. The study was based on research conducted by the London Block Exchange.

Millenials Leading the Charge

Unsurprisingly, millennials are keenest on cryptocurrency of all age groups and are the most likely to invest. Several past studies have shown that tech-savvy millennials have less trouble wrapping their heads around the still-nascent technology. This same group is also more likely to see Bitcoin as a store of value than gold. Of this demographic, 1 in 5 women is likely to invest in cryptocurrency.

Agnes de Roeyer, a senior business analyst at London Block Exchange, described the phenomenon, 

There’s still a common misconception that cryptocurrency is a game for men, but we’ve seen hundreds of women sign up for our exchange in the last few months and some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable investors, leading the way in the industry are female.

The study resulted in several other interesting conclusions. For one, there has been no recent growth in interest among men. It also concluded that women are more likely to consult family and friends and take a more thoughtful approach to investing.

This is excellent news for the industry, both due to the fact that it greatly needs to expand its demographic to reach a critical mass of adoption and because women are severely underrepresented in the culture and business surrounding blockchain. 

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