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What is GameCredits?

The GameCredits (GAME) project aims to revolutionize the gaming economy by developing a worldwide gaming platform, a Blockchain-based mobile app store and a set of solutions powered by cryptocurrencies for the gaming ecosystem. 

GameCredits was created around 2014, and its development has been overseen since 2016 by the GameCredits Foundation, based in Sisek, Croatia, with offices in Serbia, India, Poland, and Russia. The Foundation is composed by a team of several developers from different countries. The CEO of the Foundation is Ivica Simatovic, and the Assistant CEO is Alex Shavers.

GameCredits aims to provide game developers with a universal, decentralized platform with a wide array of benefits powered by Blockchain technology, such as: high transaction speeds, high scalability capabilities, advanced data analysis and fraud protection systems, low (10%) commission fees, 60-hour payment times, chargeback protection, and the option for games to be cross-promoted alongside other titles.

Gamers can enjoy seamless integration of the GameCredits payment system with no deposit limits alongside a wide array of available deposit options, the option to earn value by holding GAME Tokens, anonymous gaming and transactions, and a secure place to keep funds. The platform will also support E-Sports tournaments available for every user on the GameCredits environment.

GAME Tokens

GAME tokens act as the cryptocurrency of the GameCredits environment, and can be used as a plugin, providing game developers with a free, instant monetization tool accessible from inside games. By spending GAME, gamers can buy in-game items and upgrades, pay for microtransactions or execute any other possible type of in-game payment.

GAME tokens can be obtained by GPU mining, and are based in the Scrypt algorithm with a 90-second Block time. The Block reward is 12.5 Tokens, and the Maximum GAME supply is set at 84 million tokens. GAME can also be purchased through the GWallet, or traded by different types of digital assets in exchanges like Poloniex, Yuanbao, Bittrex, Allcoin, Cryptopia, and others.

GAME tokens can be held using the GWallet, which is accessible from the web and available for download on the project's site. The desktop GWallet is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. The GameCredits Desktop Client is also available for download from the GameCredits website in Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux-compatible versions.

The GameCredits Consortium is working on the development of the ‘GameCredits Mobile Store’, which is expected to offer more than 300 games from over 150 different game developers from launch, with many more to be added as the project evolves.

Funding and ICO

Funding for the original GameCredits project was secured through traditional means, when it was founded in 2014. The Initial Coin Offering held by the GameCredits foundation for MobileGo, their Ethereum-based ERC- 20 token, became the second most successful ICO in history, and the fourth most successful crowdfunding event in the world, by raising over $53 Million in one month, starting from April 25th, 2017.

MobileGo will serve the processing purpose of GameCredits and will be used for tournaments, betting, and as the token of the MGO Virtual Marketplace. MobileGo will also allow users to access exclusive discounts, VIP treatment at tournaments, and priority access to private game betas.

May 29, 2016
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