Seal Network and Deloitte logos with a blockchain scheme in the background.

Seal and Deloitte Partner for Blockathon Anti-Counterfeiting Network

May 23, 2018, 8:49AM
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Blockathon 2018 will showcase a new anti-counterfeiting network spearheaded by the Seal Network and Deloitte among other initiatives this summer.

June's upcoming EU Blockathon 2018 is building anticipation with its pending collaboration projects. The event will host 10 selected teams who will work together in creating prototypes and blockchain initiatives for emerging markets. News came on Tuesday that Seal Network will be partnering with Deloitte to develop a blockchain anti-counterfeiting network with the European Commission. Counterfeiting has emerged as one of the more pressing concerns for European Union with 43 million consumers being effected in 2017. A successful prototype from this project could serve as a valuable benchmark for similar developers.

"[Deloitte] are helping Seal generate market traction by presenting the Seal proposition to clients." - Seal Quarter 1 Report

Seal is a four-component platform which offers clients easy integration of "supply-chain integration into their production and distribution processes." The process is designed to ensure authenticity for brands. Their Chip, App, Token (SEAL), and Network all work in unison to verify information systems. As such, it works as a valuable developer for an early ant-counterfeiting project.

Deloitte is a important player in blockchain development and market research. The multi faceted company presented a extensive market research on blockchain adoption in business.   

"Momentum is shifting from a focus on 'blockchain tourism' and exploring the technology's potential to building practical business application" - Linda Pawczuk, Head of Deloitte U.S. Financial Services Blockchain Group

Already working with Seal, the duo makes for a sensible tag-team at Blockathon. The two will join a number of industry leaders from June 22-25. Blockathon "will assemble top specialists in law, IP rights, anti-counterfeiting, track and trace, ecosystem dynamics, logistics and security" in addition to the selected teams. A valuable gathering for the development of blockchain and consumer security, Blockathon is one of the summer's most important technology events.

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