Consensus 2018's First Day

What You Need to Know About Consensus 2018's First Day

May 15, 2018, 9:30AM
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Coindesk's Consensus 2018 is being hosted until May 16 in New York. 250+ speakers and 8000+ people are attending the blockchain event of the year

Yesterday was the first day of CoinDesk's fourth annual blockchain summit Consensus 2018, arguably the biggest blockchain event of the year. This year's Consensus will be hosted until May 16 at the NY Hilton Midtown, and include a total of over 250 speakers, and more than 8000 people are expected to attend.

Consensus 2018 will host a wide array of events, where entrepreneurs, investors, enterprise leaders and spokespersons from academic and financial institutions are expected to give lectures on the latest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

A few protestors took to the streets outside the venue, representing a group called 'Bankers against Bitcoin'.  Their message is a rather ambiguous one, their website makes the dual claim that they are a joke, (what bankers would really care about Bitcoin) and while further claiming,

"The biggest competitor big banks have ever faced has arrived and it’s not a company or organization, it’s a decentralized technology." -Bankers Against Bitcoin



Bloomberg analysts believe Consensus 2018 to be behind the latest Bitcoin price surge and prices are expected to keep rising.  Historically, Coindesk's event has positively impacted cryptocurrency prices. Consensus 2018 still promises to deliver a lot more in the upcoming days.

If you have FOMO, you can find a video recap of Consensus 2018 day one here. And also you can check out the live feed for the event here.

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