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What is Reddcoin?

Social platforms allow people to connect on a global scale and express themselves and share ideas. Developers at Reddcoin have been looking into how to share more than just ideas using social media and cryptocurrency is at the center of it all. Ever wondered what would happen if it were possible to send or earn money on social media? Reddcoin might be the answer to that question.

Reddcoin is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it is special in that it is the first coin that is distributed through social media. The developers behind this cryptocurrency created it with the aim of improving people’s social media lives. They also hoped to make digital currency more accessible by eliminating unnecessary complexity. Reddcoin is a derivative of Litecoin, which means it operates on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

History of Reddcoin

Reddcoin was founded by John Nash who is currently its lead developer. He has had an interest in cryptocurrency since 2010 when he started mining cryptocurrency before deciding to explore more options in 2013. This eventually led to the creation of the Reddcoin community in 2014.

How Does Reddcoin Work?

The idea behind it is that a user on a social platform, such as Facebook, can send digital currency to a different user on the same social network, at their will, perhaps as payment for a delivered service. For example, a user may decide to award a different user for sharing or posting vital information. The cryptocurrency also focuses on the integration of its Blockchain network with other social media platforms such as Twitter. This is a great ideal because having its presence on all social media platforms will encourage more adoption and also build a rapport that will, in turn, encourage the growth of Reddcoin.

Transaction Method and Mining

Reddcoin uses a transaction method called Proof-Of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV), instead of Proof-of-Work, to create blocks and verify transactions. It reduces the need for more hashing power, meaning the user does not need to invest in more GPU. Instead, users need to remain connected and also hold a substantial amount of Bitcoin.

Mining Reddcoin is easy considering that the PoSV does not require a pool and this means individuals can mine the digital coin on their own.

How to Buy Reddcoin

The crypto coin can be acquired with relative ease since all one needs is a wallet to store the purchased coins and the money for the purchase. It can be bought from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Bittrex.

The Future of Reddcoin

The future of cryptocurrency is filled with a lot of uncertainty. In Reddcoin’s case, there is the question of whether social media firms will adopt the altcoin to any meaningful level. This is especially relevant considering the latest dives in cryptocurrency prices. Uncertainty remains a big factor in this market, and thus, it is difficult to predict how Reddcoin will perform in the future.

May 29, 2016
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