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What is Lisk?

With the emergence of so many different cryptocurrencies, different variations to the Blockchain network have been made to add in augmentations that better the network. This has led to different Blockchain platforms such as Lisk.

Lisk is a Blockchain platform that provides decentralized Blockchain apps: apps that do not require an intermediary to manage their user’s information or function. This is quite similar to the idea behind Ethereum where developers can grow and monetize their own applications and share them on this platform without the need for third-party companies enabling them to share their application. This additional feature is known as sidechain: an enhancement to the initial Blockchain technology. 

The History of Lisk

Lisk started as a fork (separation from the main Blockchain) of Crypti. This was carried out by two developers: Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows back in 2016. Shortly afterward, there was an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which saw them raise an equivalent of 14,000 Bitcoins. On May 24, 2016, Lisk went live, and it became available for trading on major exchanges. It hasn’t ceased rising in price since then as investors continue to put their money where they can see additional value taking place.

How to Use and Mine Lisk

The above seems quite nice, and many would be willing to jump on this bandwagon immediately. However, to benefit from Lisk, one has to first obtain the cryptocurrency. This can be done in two ways: purchasing the currency or mining it. 

Users can purchase Lisk through a Lisk wallet, one which the individual has to obtain from the Lisk community. Having activated your wallet and initialized your account, the individual can then purchase the asset. This wallet has been made to ensure your security and a lot of security features have been put in place to ensure this. Furthermore, Lisk works on a platform known as LSK through which all transactions go through. This can be purchased through main exchanges.

Regarding mining, the main option is through Eobot, a platform that has been created to enable users to mine Lisk through a cloud platform. Here, the user connects their machine to the platform, and the cloud mining service runs in the background to carry out the mining service for them. The platform comes with inbuilt algorithms that enable faster and more efficient mining on behalf of any user who wishes to join it. This seems to be an amicable solution to any user wishing to mine Lisk. 

Moreover, there exist Lisk faucets that enable the user to obtain free Lisk coins through enrolling in the program. Investors simply have to enroll their wallets into the program to benefit from this offer. 

Price Analysis

Lisk has been scaling its price highs since its inception, with the starting price of Lisk valued at  1.37 USD in June 2017. The Lisk coin price has been quite volatile over the period of its trade, as has the level of trading volumes, which rose into the hundreds of millions as of December 2017. 

However, all in all, Lisk seems to have some value creation potential that it is selling to the public. With its price surge, there remains a lot to be hopeful about in the future of the cryptocurrency.


May 24, 2016
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